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who we are

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The website is : https://canistores.com


Privacy policy / Personal data

The privacy policy covers information that Artnoise designers LTD – Canistores is processing , that can personally identify a user, as well as all other information he collects and receives, including information related to the purchase of products he had made in past.
Artnoise designers LTD – Canistores does not rent, sell, or publish your personal information (including personally identifiable information) to other companies, organizations, advertisers, and social networks.
all of your personal information you send us through the order form is not stored electronically in any of our systems but only as an electronic form on the servers and providers we partner with. this site does not use any data or clientele storage system and therefore we are not responsible for any violations of your data.


Obligations of each user

The users of the e-shops website accept and commit to not using the company’s e-shop to send, transmit, publish or in any other way transmit illegal, damaging, menacing, racist, insulting, annoying, libelous, slandering, vulgar, immodest, or harmful to minor contents.
the users are not allowed to transmit inside or confidential information which was obtained or revealed through transactions, or which is covered by confidentiality agreements, or information which violates any patent, trademark, intellectual property or other third party property. finally, users are not allowed to intrude and install software viruses or any other kinds of code, files or programs which have been designed with the aim to terminate, cause damage, destroy or disrupt the operation of any computer software or hardware, on purpose or unwittingly, because any such action violates the current greek and eu legislation. in addition, uses are not allowed, while visiting the company’s website, to abuse third parties in any manner, or to use the website in order to collect or save users’ personal data

shipping fees

The shipping fees are carried by the purchaser and the goods are accompanied by a packing list. the receipt is sent by e-mail.



Bank account
Deposit to Artnoise designers LTD
IBAN: BG56FINV91501016718198
BIC / SWIFT: finvbgsf
Rationale: Canistores – Artnoise designers LTD fully complies with recent eu regulations and with gdpr.