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The CANISTORES is a company that represents Non-stop dogwear in Bulgaria and Greece. It is headquartered in Sofia and can be fully serviced through its e-shop. The aim is to maintain the quality of its products according to the leading brands. Non-stop dogwear is considered one of the leading companies in the world with specialized products for all dogs.
The philosophy of Non-stop dogwear is ….

“Our purpose is narrowed down to one sentence “release your dogs potential” this sentence reminds us WHY we do what we do, – why we strive to make the best dog equipment. We want to help you and your dog “release the potential” .

Across all breeds, all activities and all settings we strive to be the best facilitator of equipment. Will it be to shave of seconds in a race or chasing down a frisbee, our equipment will maximise the activity.

We know that an active dog is a happy dog and a happy dog means a happy owner.”


by Non-stop dogwear


Dogs are not like us. Winning or getting in better shape is not what drives them to run; dogs run because they love it! A dog cannot choose a harness on its own; we have to help them out. By understanding how a harness fits our task and how to find the perfect fit, we can provide a comfortable and motivating setup. The rights sized harness prevents strain and help your dog reach its full potential. Our size guide is here to help you!

by Non-stop dogwear


The leash is what ties you to your dog, and it can have a significant impact on your experience. We have developed a leash or a bungee for every activity and use. Most of our products are co-developed with elite dog sports athletes to provide you and your dog the best possible solution.
A static leash has good feedback and control, making it suitable for everyday walks and obedience. A dog bungee is best for running, skiing, and bicycling, as it will absorb shocks when both of you are moving. A touring bungee makes hiking easier while we also have multifunctional solutions to meet everyday situations in the city.

by Non-stop dogwear


A belt frees your hands when running or walking with a leashed dog, which makes the exercise more comfortable for both of you.
All of the dog’s force transfers through the belt to your body, and a well-designed belt will minimize strain on your lower back, even if you are attached to an energetic dog.
Different activities demand particular functions from the gear. That is why we have designed belts for specific activities, such as running and skiing. We also have great all-round belts, which work just as good on your daily walk as on an arctic expedition. If you would like to carry some essential gear, convenient backpacks can be mounted on two of our belts.


Featured Products Non-stop dogwear

CaniX Belt

Have running with your dog turned into a new experience! The CaniX belt takes comfort to a new level.

Freemotion Harness

A versatile pulling-harness for running, skijoring, and other activities with a pulling center above the dog

Bungee Leash

The full length on this leash is elastic, developed to give both you and your dog a smooth experience, easing out the tension.

Freemotion Harness

Our all-time bestselling pulling-harness for dogs updated with fresh blue color for our 10th anniversary!

Line Harness

A versatile and padded harness, well-fitting for small to large-sized dogs. An excellent choice for the everyday active dog.

Active Collar

A highly visible and wide dog collar that gently distributes the pressure onto the dog’s neck.

Pro Raincoat

This raincoat for dogs has a 15.000-millimeter water column, taped seams, and a breathable membrane.

Løype Belt

Løype Belt is specialized and shaped for skijoring with a dog and promotes optimal skiing technique.


CaniOne Products


CaniOne Leash line LSL. Made of 25mm. tubular tape with built-in 10mm. bungee rope and aluminium snap hook. Length 2 meters after stretching.


CaniOne Belt BLT1 – an extremely lightweight and comfortable belt, suitable for canicross, trekking, or walking with your hands free.


CaniOne Back Harness BH  is the harness most used by modern racing drivers. This harness style was developed by CaniOne for fast trap line runs.


Start Kit Offer CaniOne
CaniOne Back Harness BH, Belt, Leash 2m