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Glacier Wool Jacket


Water-repellent and windproof insulated jacket with wool lining, keeping dogs warm in all types of weather. The jacket is designed to provide dogs freedom of movement and has adjusting points for the optimal fit.



Size 6XS 5XS 4XS 3XS 2XS XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Back length 18-23 cm 21-26 cm 24-29 cm 26-30 cm 28-34 cm 32-38 cm 36-42 cm 40-46 cm 45-50 cm 48-56 cm 53-61 cm 58-64 cm 62-76 cm 72-83 cm

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The Glacier wool jacket is a unique warm jacket for dogs that is made of carefully chosen materials. The combination of the windproof and water-repellent outer layer, the isolating middle layer and the wool lining will keep dogs warm even in the most challenging weather circumstances.

Wool has a long tradition in Norway, among others because it absorbs moisture without becoming cold or feeling wet. In addition, wool has very good breathability that regulates the body temperature in both cold and warm temperatures. The wool offers high levels of comfort for the dog as well as being a sustainable material. The middle layer of recycled ECO synthetic material has exceptional isolation capacity and low weight. The windproof and water-repellent outer layer is reinforced on the exposed areas for extra protection against the weather and vegetation. The rubberized netting on the side stops the water gathering under the dog`s chest.

This warm jacket was designed to provide your dog freedom of movement. It can be used for hiking, skiing or even training runs when taking a break.

The Glacier wool jacket has several cinch points to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. The leg straps keep the jacket in place also in strong winds. The Glacier wool jacket has also a Hypalon loop on the back, where the leash can be put through when the dog is wearing a pulling harness*. The jacket has dedicated opening for a collar and short harness. Reflective details make your dog visible even on dark days.

The jacket can be easily packed together and stored in the mesh bag that it is coming with.

The Glacier wool jacket comes in one color, black. It is available in size 6XS to 5XL, and fits both small and big dogs.

*A leash must not be directly attached to the rear Hypalon loop. This will not hold the dog and may result in product failure.

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