Trekking Belt

If your dog pulls when leashed, this belt will make walking hands-free and a lot more comfortable.

Trekking Belt is light and versatile, perfect for a short hands-free walk or a mountain hike. Our dogs love to be active, but many people are dreading walks due to their dog’s heavy pulling on the leash. With a belt, this frustration can turn into joy. The wide belt distributes the pull over a big area and takes the stress off your back. The dog is also easier to control, will provide a helpful pull when wandering or skiing.

The Trekking Belt comes in two sizes and is adjustable around the waist and legs. The leg straps hold the belt in an optimal position, but can easily be removed if you prefer a belt that is easier to take on and off.

Trekking Belt comes in two colors, blue and purple. The belt has reflective tubing and a reflective logo for high visibility in the dark.


  • Water-resistant foam core
  • Tightly woven nylon
  • Sturdy Nexus buckles
  • Nylon webbing
  • Two extra attachment points
  • Leg straps
  • Reflective materials
  • Open hook with D-ring

Size chart

Product video & Product features

Extra attachment points

Carry light accessories such as doggy bags or a leash on the two loops and bungee. The loops can hold up to 0,5 kg.

Practical and secure

Bungee or leash goes through the D-ring before attaching over the hook. Do not connect the leash directly to the D-ring; it is not designed to hold the dog on its own.

Leg straps

Adjustable leg straps keep the belt from sliding up your waist. These are removable.


Reflective tubing and logo for high visibility in the dark.