Freemotion Harness

A versatile pulling-harness for running, skijoring, and other activities with a pulling center above the dog. Ergonomic fit provides freedom of motion and minimal breath constraint.

Our original harness design is developed, tested, and used by world-leading mushers within skijoring and canicross, but applies to any active family dog. Freemotion comes in a variety of sizes and has good adjustability to accommodate most breeds.

A suitable harness is crucial for the dog’s performance, avoid injuries, and have the dog enjoy the activity as much as you do. A Freemotion Harness is designed to unleash the dog’s potential. It allows the dog’s shoulders to move freely. The airways stay unrestricted while the pull force distributes around the upper body. The harness is made for activities with a pulling center higher than the dog’s back. It has an adjustable pulling point to utilize power in each stride.

The dog’s wellbeing is our prerequisite when carefully designing every harness at Non-stop dogwear. Ergonomic design requires attention to detail. We always construct the inner lining so that all materials overlap without any hard edges. Every seam has its smooth side towards the dog’s body, all to make sure the harness does not chafe the dog. All our harnesses have integrated 3M reflective materials for the dog’s security. This anatomical design approach with freedom of movement and comfortable breathing is our trade.


  • Closed-cell foam that does not absorb water
  • 500D Nylon
  • Nylon webbingColour: Black with a colored piece indicating which size the harness is.

Size chart

Product video & Product features

Ergonomic design

Provides the dog with freedom of movement and easy breathing.


The side straps and back piece are adjustable to fit optimally. Adjust the back piece so that the pulling point sits right above the dog’s sacrum. Adjust the side straps to chest size. The harness comes with static side straps as standard. Optional elastic side straps give your dog a few more centimeters for each stride and are available in the web store.

Variety of sizes

This Pulling-harness comes in sizes that fit very small to large dogs. Each size has a different color patch on top of the harness. This color marking makes it easy to recognize the different sizes if you have many dogs.


3M reflective materials integrated.