Ferd Belt

Light, durable, and comfortable trekking belt made for extended trips and expeditions. The Ferd Belt has attachment points for a pulka. Extend it with the Ferd Belt Bag to carry your essentials.

The perfect belt if you often find yourself outdoors with your dog and need high-quality equipment. The Ferd Belt is foam molded to be ergonomic and water-resistant.
A pulk can be attached directly to the stainless-steel D-rings on both sides of the belt. The practical loops are there for attaching a coiled leash, dog bags, or other equipment weighing less than 0,5kg.
This trekking belt comes with a sturdy and secure carabiner for attaching your dog´s leash. This carabiner is rated to hold 400kg. If you encounter situations where you quickly need to detach your dog, we recommend buying our Panic Snap Carabiner with a quick-release function.

The Ferd Belt comes in three sizes and can is adjustable around your waist and legs. The leg straps hold the belt from sliding up your lower back, but can easily be removed. Buckles made of high-strength aluminum and hypalon reinforcements assure performance in extreme conditions. The backside logo is made of a reflective material to provide high visibility in the dark.

The belt can be extended with the Ferd Belt bag and work as a small backpack to carry your essentials.


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• Snow 90%
• Off snow 70%
• Competition 10%
• Durability 90%

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Product video & Product features

Belt Bag

Ferd Belt Bag is an accessory to the Ferd Belt. Ideal if all you need to bring is a bottle, a camera, and snacks.

Pulka functionality

Robust D-rings on the sides to pull a pulka. The handy loops are for attaching equipment lighter than 0,5kg.

Lightweight carabiner

The Ferd belt comes with a lockable carabiner to secure the dog leash. If you need to detach your dog quickly, the separately sold Panic Snap Carabiner has a quick-release function.

Heavy-duty buckles

Hypalon reinforcements and high-strength aluminum buckles for maximum durability.

Leg straps

Keep the belt in place with the adjustable leg straps. These are easy to remove.

Ergonomic fit

The molded foam core is comfortable and water-resistant.