Annual Collector Callendar 2021

Action, tension, cooperation, fatigue, striving, tenderness and  love are captured on camera  of photographer Camille Paris and evoke strong feelings.

Technical characteristics of the version

Dimension: 21,4×27
Paper and grams of cover: Hard cover
Number of Pages: 224 + 4 cover
Copies: 700 pcs.
Design & Production: Artnoise designers LTD
Photography: Camille Paris

Special Edition

Over 150 photos captured our attention and interest and evoked unique emotions. Our love for pursuit of creativity, through the path of photography and design, led us to the Camille Paris camera lens. A French photographer and athlete, with a lot of emotion, gave us the way to think differently and very creatively.
So together, Artnoise designers and Camille Paris, we decided to feature athletes, canicross races, bikejoring and scooter by presenting them to the public through a different approach via the creation of a collectible diary, which will include unique snapshots of the races.

A team with love for creation, through the path of photography and design, created this collectible calendar. The desire to show off the athletes, the canicross races , bikejoring and scooter and at the same time promote them to the public, through a different approach, led to the idea of creating a calendar which will include unique snapshots of the games.

Action, tension, cooperation, fatigue, striving, tenderness and love are captured on camera of photographer Camille Paris and evoke strong feelings.
96 collectible pictures from the Pan-European Championship that took place on Belgium on October 2019 are now in your hands

The photgrapher /  with eye of Camille Paris

Photography has always been for me about capturing a specific moment, expression, aptitude, and freezing it in time. Living with a pack of dogs and competing in that sport as well, I understand the essence of the bond human and dog shares out there, and that’s specifically what I try to capture. These championships were even more emotional than usual, probably due to the tough track conditions,witnessing something unique by the finish line…. Breath heat vaping in the cold air, muddy dogs wagging their tails with satisfaction, and tired humans gathering the remaining energy for a final mud slip and a big warm thank you for their teammate. Love and appreciation… That is the ultimate thank you you can gift your dog with.

Limited number of copies  (700pcs)

The calendar will start sending from 10 to 20 December.
It is a unique version that you will have in your possession forever

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How to order and buy?

You can order  and buy the calendar NOW.
You will receive the calendar from your local organization or federation in december.

Τhe calendars will be sent to your country organization or federation in mid-December

The cost to order is € 39.00.


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